VIDLET is a mobile video research platform for consumer-focused brands – with data management and analysis provided by a back-end portal. It is designed to capture business related interviews, manage them and present detailed insights. VIDLET’s fields of application are divided into the business areas research and recruiting, focusing either on customer feedback or interviewing job candidates. A cloud service enables easy access and connects VIDLET on all devices. VIDLET’s video function is primarily used via smart phone or tablet. This is why it needs to have a well-designed interface, so users enjoy the whole process of engaging with VIDLET. Our collaboration helped VIDLET to create a user centered design, enabling easy interaction on every device.

TARGET GROUP: consumer-focused companies

FOCUS OF COLLABORATION: design of mobile application & platform
concept & process development | visual design | information architecture | interaction design | user experience

PROJECT DURATION: jul 2014 – jan 2016

vidlet Inc., 55 New Montgomery Street #608, San Francisco CA 94105, USA –